Literary London.

I have never had much of a desire to spend time in England. I can hardly contain my excitement when I think of visiting foreign countries, but the thought of England has never had much of an appeal to me. Maybe I believed steriotypes that the people are mean and the food isn’t good, the weather is terrible, and its too crowded. Mostly though I just never thought about going to England.
Well, whatever I thought, I was wrong. England is amazing. The people are friendly and warm, you honestly cant walk around looking lost without some dear, old, umbrella weilding man asking you if you need help. People wave from their cars as they pass you, they smile when they hear your accent. The best part, in my mind, is that they actually talk the way they do in movies and books! Ill get back to that though. 

I’m excluding London almost entirely from this description, because London was frighteningly huge and intimidating, although we spent an incredibly wonderful two days there. The people in London are no less nice, but a bit more hurried and busy. And they can’t drive at all. Please enjoy our pictures from our self-made tour titled “Literary London: but Only the Things We Really Cared About Because We had No Time or Money”.

Its strange that I never wanted to go to England, if only because I love Harry Potter more than I love most people.

 Platform 9 3/4 (Harry Potter) 
(I also came up with a marketing campaign in case anyone wants to open a coffee shop in Kings Cross Station, but you have to hire me.)

St Bart’s (Where Sherlock Holmes “committed suicide”)

Temple Bar (Tale of Two Cities

Doom Bar beer, Cormoran Strike’s (From the Cormoran Strike mystery novels) favorite beer

Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes)

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

The Shakespeare Tavern




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