Things I never thought I would hear/say part II

1. “Tonight is a great night to shoot up.” -Lexi

NOT AT ALL WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE. Photographing is often called shooting, and Ive been trying to take a time lapse video of the northern lights overhead for a long time. On this night, the lights overhead were amazing, and dancing like crazy, hence the good night to “Shoot up”.


2. “Do you think pale in an emotion? Because I feel pale.” -Tyler

Yes, Pale is an emotion. We are SO WHITE.
3. “Wait, you aren’t wearing your wedding ring, and you got blisters from a Hoe?!” -Lexi

Tyler wasn’t wearing his wedding ring…and he got blisters from using a hoe. 

4. “Those sheep are TINY. I could throw one of those over a fence NO PROBLEM.” –Tyler

Our first day at the horse farm in Norway, Tyler and our other worker had to toss one of the Norwegian sheep over the fence back into her paddock. She was HUGE, and it took a really long time and a lot of energy. The Sheep here in England are actually really tiny and cute and tossable!

5. “My toes are so cold, they’re singing ‘Let it go'”-Lexi

We were outside shooting the northern lights, and it was excessively cold. like -28C. This will make more sense if youve seen the disney movie Frozen. And speaking of frozen…

6. “I think my eyelashes might be frozen.” –Tyler

I assumed he was exaggerating… He was not.  

7. “You need to sign this model release.” -Katherina Haussman

So, weird thing. While in Norway, I found an advertisement for someone to model wedding clothes under the northern lights. We applied and we got picked, and we got to do this amazing phtotshoot with this very sweet and talented couple, and it was the experience of a lifetime. Ive absolutely never been so cold in all of my life, but it was great. here are a few pictures!




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