Summarøy and a quick and dirty week

Well, it happened for the first time. I went a whole week without writing, and I had no idea that a week had slipped by. Its been a busy week! We said goodbye to Monica, the beautiful and hilarious woman from Spain, we developed a new system of organizing and sorting potatoes, we had Norwegian waffles…several times, we finished the largest strawberry field on the farm, and I became famous for popping peoples backs.

We worked really hard and practiced a bit more on the roller skis. We also took a trip to Oldervik, the little fishing village about 5km from the farm. Tyler took this picture of me on the rocks. 


The highlight of the week was last tuesday though. Jeremy asked Tyler and I to go to the raspberry farm with Carolyn and him to dig up raspberry canes for us to plant in the top field. When we got in the car though, we discovered that we were invited on this trip because we had been working really hard and he wanted to take us to this beautiful island after the raspberries. Cutting the raspberries was surprisingly hard work; the roots are shallow but fan out wide. We dug up several hundered plants though, and then Jeremy took us to the beautiful Summarøy, which means Summer Island.
This is the beach where we had a picnic lunch

We walked around the island a bit, and mostly just stared at the immensity of the open Arctic Ocean, and the huge mountains of the fjords that interrupt it. 

And a week in Norway is never complete without some delicious beer.


2 thoughts on “Summarøy and a quick and dirty week

  1. Oh Yeah – BEER! The landscape is just breathtaking. You two just fit so well there and we are all so happy you are absorbing everything. Marley wants a picture of a Norwegian work horse.



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