Things I never thought I would hear/say.

Living in Norway has had it’s own delightful set of differences from life in Montana. We try our best to take everything in stride, but every so often we hear something that makes us stop and realize how different this country is. Or sometimes we say something that makes us realize that we are different too. Here are some funny examples, I’ll do my best to explain the situations so that you don’t get too confused. 

1. “We will probably not catch any cod; the killer whales have come back.” -Jeremy

This was said while we were siting in the teeny fishing boat out on the fjord, and no, it wast a joke. There really are Orcas in the fjord. I almost threw up I was so scared. 

2. “The communists have done well in the election last night.” -Roger

Again, not a joke. There was an election last week in Norway for local parliament and the communists took 21% of the vote. Straight up communists. 

And later that morning…

3. “Wow, that boat looks like a Russian war ship.” -Jeremy

It did. Which is very unnerving when you’re already thinking about communists. We looked it up though and the internet says it’s just a research vessel. Right, because research vessels need guns that big.

4. “I think the potato man stole my gloves…” -Alex 

This one was just hilarious, especially because we were sorting a mountain of potatoes and we were feeling crazy already. The mystery is this: Alex had put her work gloves down, and when she came back for them they were gone. The mystery went unsolved until a few days later when one of the self-pickers brought them down to the house, but we still didn’t know how they had gotten up there in the first place. We started to suspect the Dane who lives just down the street and who picks a kilo of potatoes every day. We affectionately refer to him as “the potato man”. It turns out he was not the glove thief, but that would have been a very funny sentence if you were listening in.

5. “Today, we will destroy Canada.” -Roger

So, here I should mention that each of the strawberry fields has a country name so that we can easily distinguish between them.  

Don’t worry dear Canadian friends, Norway isn’t out to get you… That we know of. The field called Canada is the oldest field and so this year it will be torn up and turned into a potato field. Roger was suggesting that we begin the destruction of the field Canada today. Jeremy saluted and Matteo played taps on a penny whistle before the fall of Canada. 



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