Life at 70 degrees North.

It’s amazing here. Beyond amazing, whatever that may be. Cold air blowing in off of the Arctic ocean, warm sun on your back, wet leaves and dirt sticking to absolutely anything, and Strawberries. Because Norwegian Strawberries need to be capitalized. They are huge, beautiful, and sweet.

Today was our first full day on the farm, but we started work as soon as we got in yesterday. After catching the bus from Tromsø we were overwhelmed with life on the farm. The work is back-breakingly difficult, as we expected, but much to our surprise we found that we not only enjoy it, we fit in here.

The people who are staying here with us are kind-hearted and they love to travel and experience life. They love to talk and share experience life. Alex is from Georgia (the state, not the Republic of), Jremey is from France, Matteio is from Italy, Moncia is from Spain, and Carolyn is from Austrailia. Its been so fun to see how much we have in common, even though it seems counter-intuitive. Our host, Roger, is a delight. He loves cooking, and prefers to do so while blaring a rather remarkably ecclectic mix of music, from Simon an Garfunkel to French opera. I couldnt belive how at home I felt last night, just sitting around the table laughing with everyone. 

Our day is very full right now, as the harvesting season is the most important time for the farm. The strawberries ripen quickly and its important that we get them picked as quickly as possible. These berries recieve an incredible amount of love, a process which I will explain more fully in the next few days. but know that when you buy organic strawberries, those babies have had a LOT of attention.  



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