How to make a Strawberry field. 

Strawberries are a little bit like weeds, they will grow absolutely anywhere, and they are very difficult to tame. But tame them we do! Heres how it works. Begin with an empty field like such:


The field must then be set into perfectly straight rows about 18 inches in height, and about 2 feet apart. This takes an enormous amount of manual labor. Next, a layer of thick black membrane is placed over the top of the rows so that the ground is protected, both from the elements above and from the growth of water weed below. This is difficult because the membrane is heavy and difficult to manuver, and because it has to be placed very precisely so that the plants can be placed in the right spots. Then rocks must be added to ensure that the spacing is correct, and the ends of the membrane have to be buried so that they arent in the way. 


Next, you have to burn 6-inch holes in the membrane with a blowtorch, but be careful not to burn down the whole field. Side note, this is nearly impossible to do while it is raining. Once the holes are made, you must dig 4 inch deep holes in each of the membrane holes and then fill it with fertilizer. 

Pause for a note about fertilizer. We are on an organic farm in Arctic Norway, there will be no use of miracle grow here. Our fertilizer is made from a 50-50 mixture of black soil and sheep shit. I don’t mean to be crass, but sheep shit is the actual farming term for it, and I refuse to compromise on the basics of farming. You then must add water and stir the sheep-shit-concoction until it is the consistancy of mushy clam chowder. 

You simply fill each hole you have made with the sheep shit mix and then make a hole with your hand, place the strawberry plant in it (roots down, in case you didnt know), and fill in the rest with dirt.

That’s about it! In the end, the field looks like this, and its a beautiful sight. 



One thought on “How to make a Strawberry field. 

  1. I am so enjoying this blog! Thank you!! I am trying to show Shirley (the Norwegian!) how to follow your blog also. Best to you both!


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