Thoughts from the window.

We made it to Oslo! Here are some of our first experiences as new Norwegians. 

Our first hike in Norway was to the top of the Oslo opera house. Here we noticed a distinct difference between Norwegian culture and American culture. For one; we almost fell down a lot because the dips in the marble covering the roof are not marked. We agreed that this is because if, by some crazy chance, someone in America would let you climb their building, they would surely mark any danger spots for fear of being sued. This would be a horrible distraction from the beauty of the Oslo Opera house. From the top we saw two towers and decided to investigate.

They turned out to belong to a castle (Akershus castle). We were able to explore the castle grounds for free, and it was lovely. We then found cheap sandwiches, and tried to stay awake for the walk back to the hostle. But then we found the most lovely and inviting patio, and stopped for a quick drink. Tyler barely made it through his beer before he fell asleep.  

We’re excited for day three of traveling, and we are hoping to be settled on the farm by this time tomorrow! 


One thought on “Thoughts from the window.

  1. Lexi, I feel as if I am traveling around Norway through your eyes. Thanks so much for the tour and I look forward to many more adventures. Enjoying the photos and am so glad you are having a great time! Love you

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