On our flight.

Well, it’s official. Were on our way to Norway! Current feelings: nervous, excited, scared, confident, and happy.  
We are flying into Amsterdam and tomorrow morning we will be in Oslo. We will spend one day in Oslo, and then catch our flight up north to Tromsø, where start work September 1st. 

We can’t wait to share our journey with you!


2 thoughts on “On our flight.

  1. So happy you both are safe and sound; we are sooooo excited for you guys. World travelers!!! Tyler – get some sleep dude… I love Niki and Adriana, but my morning latte is just not the same 🙂
    Have fun on your first day,

    Much Love,

    Ed and family

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    1. Ed! I miss you so much! This has been an amazing week and Im so glad I get to be here. We just received confirmation that we will be going to our next farm in late november, so we will have almost a whole month here on the strawberry farm alone! A lot of work to do, but its been wonderful!


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