The top ten questions you hear when you tell people you’re moving to Norway.

When you tell someone you are moving to Norway, they have an understandably long list of questions. Here are the top ten we have heard, along with the answers.

10. Why are you doing that?

Because we can and why not?

9. What are you doing with your dog while you’re gone?

He’s staying with Tyler’s parents in Denver. It’s ok, he loves them so much and he will be happy there.

8. Aren’t you going to miss him?

Yes. Oh my God yes. How could you not miss this sweet little man? Sometimes I think I would do better without one of my limbs than without Siyeh. My world basically revolves around him, and I’m not being sarcastic.


7. What are you going to do there?

We are going to be working on an organic strawberry farm outside of Tromsø. Tromsø is located 217 miles north of the Arctic Circle, on an island in the county of Troms.

6. Strawberries grow in Norway?

Yes they do, 15 different types in fact! Tromsø enjoys 2 months of polar summer, meaning that the sun does not set for almost two months. The temperature in Northern Norway during the summer averages around 60 degrees. This means that the strawberries have tons of sunlight, but no withering heat. Here is the farm where we will be working.


5. Really, why Norway? 

A lot of reasons, actually. Mainly, we knew we wanted to go abroad for a year, and we knew we wanted to be able to work. We both love skiing and hiking and fishing. Tyler’s family is Norwegian, and we knew that it would be particularly wonderful for his Grandmother Phyllis if we went to Norway and were able to bring back some memories for her.

Also, I think this picture is enough of a reason by itself.


4. Do you like salmon/lefse/lutefisk?

Yes/Yes/Probably not, but I’m going to try it anyway.

3.  Do you like cold weather?

Yes, but its not actually as cold as you might think. Of course it is 200 miles north of the arctic circle, at about 70 degrees north, so it will be chilly. But it doesn’t experience the bitter cold due to the Norwegian current that runs right up the coast.

2.  How long will you be gone? 

We are hoping to be gone about a year, but there is always a chance that something will change that plan. Norway is a very expensive country, and we really like beer. We have a one-way ticket, so I guess we’ll see!

  1. Did you know that I’m Norwegian?



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