Now Is The Right Time.


Today was a tearful day. I went to work to say goodbye to my sweet lovely customers and friends, while my husband loaded our u-haul.

Little moments throughout the day brought  on the realization that by the end of this day, Missoula would no longer be home. Or, at least my dog and most of my things would no longer be there, and home is where Siyeh is.

Of course today was hard; I knew I would cry. What I hadn’t expected were the incredibly sweet moments that brought on fresh waves of tears. Hugs from my dear friends, cards from so many people, wine, chocolate, and flowers. And words. Sweet words that carried appreciation and love from people all around me. It was overwhelming, and overwhelmingly sweet.

I feel like my heart broke a million times today. And when we left town, Denver bound, I decided to open all of my cards and start the tears again just so I could get them all out. Again I was swept up in a current of love, and I’ve never felt so loved and yet so sad at the same time. But there on top of my card pile is the exact thing I needed to hear. Now is the right time.

Thank you missoula. We won’t be away from you forever, though this chapter of our lives is closed for now. It’s the right time to say our bittersweet farewell, and know that we loved deeply and were loved deeply in return.



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