Things I won’t miss about traveling internationally.

There really are a lot of things I will miss about this year, some of them are things I will look back on and smile for the the rest of my life. But a few things, I will be so very happy to leave on this side of the Atlantic.

1. People assuming that all Americans are morons.- I knew that people did this, but I’ve been shocked and a little hurt at how few people seem to care if I know they feel this way. One woman in particular refuses to this day to admit that some Americans can be intelligent. 

2. People asking me about Donald Trump.- I do not want to discuss this with you or with anyone else, because even though I am an American, I am not a moron.

3. Our idea of “plenty of room” differs greatly- in a bedroom, on a bus, and most especially on the road. Two millimeters between car wing mirrors is not “plenty of room”.

4. Passing people on sidewalks- in the us, 95% go right. Over here, it’s anyone’s guess. I’d estimate that about 55% go left, 35% go right, and 10% don’t give a bother and just run right into you.

5. People asking very specifically were staying.- you know, sometimes I don’t want strangers to know where I sleep at night. 

6. The God-damn power outlets.- ok, this one is stupid, but it’s infuriating to get all settled in bed and realize that you forgot to turn on the outlet into which your phone is plugged so it won’t charge. 

7. Planning.- I love planning, but I am sick to death of it. I’m so very over choosing hosts, dates, times, hostels, trains, buses, flights and food. I want to go back to just choosing what clothes to wear and what to cook for dinner. On a similar note, very excited to make money again. 

8. Having little to no say in what I eat.- this one goes with planning, but I miss being able to choose a salad for lunch, or to eat a small dinner, or have a smoothie for breakfast. I dedicate 10 lbs of this trip to having almost nothing to do with dishing my own plate. Consequentially, Tyler is the thinnest he’s been since high school for exactly the same reason.

9. Public transportation.- I’m all for saving our natural resources, but for the love of all that is good, stop kicking my seat!

10. Not killing spiders.- This one is completely beyond me. At home, if a spider enters my home, it deserves to die as swiftly and as violently as possible. Here, people don’t even seem to notice them (Read, spiders everywhere). One of our hosts requested that instead of killing spiders, we capture them and release them into his bedroom (??!!!!!!). 

Ok, so to sum up, I’m pretty excited to come home. Although if it weren’t for this fluffy little monster I would be willing to keep doing this, yes even with the spiders, forever.


One thought on “Things I won’t miss about traveling internationally.

  1. It’s been a great adventure…I’ve enjoyed it every step of the way.
    Thank you so much for sharing your time…I’ll miss the familiar Richardsonsinnorway coming up in my email box. It always put a pleasant pause to my day and made me smile.
    Godspeed to you and Tyler, Sweetheart.
    Aunt Lisa


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