We have now been in Scotland for two wonderful weeks, and in a lot of ways, it has felt like coming home. Scotland is beyond beautiful. It is indescribable. It actually looks like one huge postcard of a fictional place, or a scene out of a book that you read as a child; its a place of mystery and magic. 

The bus ride to the Isle of Skye was a LONG one. tourists listening to horrible pop-music loudly enough for the whole bus to enjoy and little children (especially when they dont belong to you) crying and puking right next to you make for a pretty exhausting day. But the views made up for it. Our journey started on Friday night at 11:00, and the night bus took us all the way to Glasgow, where we caught the early bus to Skye. We woke up to a different country than the one we left (which Scotland is, in every way except legally). Our bus driver was the first Scot we encountered, and we loved him right away. He said, “Ye can breng yer coffee oon tha boos as long as ets got a lead.”

The scenery was delightful-more than that, it was home. It was snow covered mountains and crystal-clear lakes, and bright blue sky (rain/hail/snow). Our bus arrived at the Uig hotel and we were settled in to our adorable little flat all to ourselves. We met the staff who work full-time here, and loved them at once. Especially one, Emma. She took us on a walk up to the fairy glen just behind the hotel, and we found out that she loves bears (currently trying to talk her into moving to Montana) and big cats. Its funny how, on this trip, we have found friends who I can confidently say I will be know and love for the rest of my life, and Emma is one of those people. 

The work here is simple, just a little bit of outside painting, though it is made more complicated by the incessant rain. We actually set up lawn chairs in the garage so that we dont have to walk back to the flat just to wait out the rain, as it usually only lasts about 10 minutes. 


Castle Ewan in the Fairy Glen.

Days off are busy, as Skye is such a remarkable place. Our first two days off we hiked to the falls, and the famous Trotternish Ridge, and we hike to the fairy glen a couple times a week. 

 Old man of Storr  
Trotternish Ridge

Sunset on Uig Bay

And a surprise appearance by the Northern Lights!!!! (I was almost crying with joy)

One of our favorite times here has been our evenings in the Hotel bar. Its a cozy place, where a lot of locals come for a drink almost every night. They love to talk and laugh, and they like to help us pick out whiskys to try, as the selection is vast. Ive never liked whisky much, but thanks to these lovely people, I’ve come to really love it. 

(see next post for pictures of a tourist day on Sky, featuring “Driving on the wrong side of the road”, and “the wrong side of the car!”)


2 thoughts on “Skye.

  1. I love love love to read your stories, I feel like I am there with you (wish I was, especially in Scotland ). Thank you so much for sharing these adventures with us.


  2. Your journey is like reading an incredible story book. Scotland, by far, is the most magical. We all miss you kids.


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