Life in the Round.

Sorry for the delay in writing this one, but we are now settled into our new home in Wales! I have to back up a few weeks though, and instead of filling you in on all of the beautiful things I’m currently seeing outside my window, to update you about where in the world we have been.

The answer is simple. A beautiful yurt, just outside of the tiny village of Trefeglwys, in the middle of county Powys, Wales. We spent ten days living on a very cozy family farm, battling the wind and rain/mist, and enjoying what blindingly beautiful, sunny days that we actually had. 

The work on this farm was enjoyable, but not quite what we were used to. I spent the vast majority of my work day taking care of Tess, the 18 month old daughter of our hosts, Bea and Chris. Tess was a darling little girl, and as much as I dont tend to like children, I really liked Tess right away. She was a happy and bright baby, she didnt cry much, only when you tried to put pants on her (and really, can you blame her?). Chris and Bea were welcoming and happy hosts, always asking great questions, and telling us great stories. Tyler spent more time working outside, digging a trench, helping on projects with the chickens, and working with the vegetables. 

The work was not as rewarding for me as it has been elsewhere, and I was very discouraged by this in the beginning. But the more time I spent with Tess, and doing laundry and cleaning, the more I came to appreciate the little tasks that need to get done when you have a baby. Im now more intimidated than ever to have children. Tess was a delightful girl, and even though she doesnt speak much now, she has a few words that she relaly likes to throw in whenever she can. My personal favorite was when she gave me her hat, and I asked, “Do I need to wear this because my hair looks mad?” and she yelled, “YEAH!”

The other challenge with this farm was that there was no toilet (Outside wee-ing and a compost loo), no shower, and naturally no internet. I thought I would miss the shower the most, but I actually missed talking to my loved ones more than anything. It felt so strange to not be able to communicate with anyone, and it was surprisingly isolating. We had been very well warned about these conditions, and it was only for ten days, so it wasn’t a huge issuse for us. We had a great time playing cards and scrabble in the evenings, going for walks in the beautiful countryside, and reading…a LOT. 

All in all this was a great experience, with beautiful people. Its nice to be back in civilization, and of course to be in the mountains again, but it was a lovely and peaceful ten days alone in the country.



2 thoughts on “Life in the Round.

  1. It’s great to be thankful for what we have and then when we don’t have them we can be even more thankful when we get them back. Glad your blog is back. Love, Nana


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