Our month in Cornwall has come to a close, and we are, once again, heartbroken. As I’ve mentioned, this part of the world was never on my bucket list, but having been here, I think everyone should add it to theirs. 

Our time on the Cornish coast has been a peaceful, relaxing time, filled with our first country walks, interesting and educational work, and way more delicious food than I would have ever imagined. The sucess of our time here has been thanks, largely, to our fellow workers, and of course our hosts. 

Jill, the worker who has been here the longest, is a wonderful baker and is the most artistic person I’ve ever met. She taught me so much, including how to make a Victoria Sponge Sandwich, and my very own homemade recipe book that I can fill in as I travel on. 

Julie, is one of the funniest and most free people Ive ever met. She has a great sense of humor, and loves to laugh. She’s smart and sassy, and such a great example of what it means to live life with enjoyment. She reminds me a lot of us at the moment, especially as she embraces crazy travel plans like spending 5 weeks working with a guy on a boat! 

Jeremy, one of our hosts, who has a quiet demeanor, which means that when he says something, you listen. He is incredibly smart and talented at almost everything. He’s a great cook, he builds furniture, and he can carve absolutely anything. And he loves Huskies. And he has 4 of them. 

Sarah is the most welcoming person on earth. She is absolutely in the right place, because she is so warm and inviting, and pays such acute attention to detail. She immediately made us feel at home, wanted, and important. She is a remarkably generous person, and she views each person as being special and worth attention. It was wonderful to watch her make cakes for afternoon tea, and she her putting gold-leaf on each individual raspberry! Sarah has become like  family to us, and we will miss her dearly. 

The place its self has been like a dream, and the work has been equally great. The main focus of our time here was to finish the wedding venue side of the farmhouse, and get it to the point where it looked the way Sarah and Jeremy wanted it was a huge achievement for us. We had to sand and stain boards to cover the ceiling and walls of the milking parlour, which is now the reception area. Once that project was finished we then had to carve a path into the yard that would lead to the cow shed, the ceremony site. That project was intimidating because we had to cut up their beautiful lawn, but we did it, and it actually looks great, youd never know that we had no clue what were doing. 




Also, Steps are harder to build than you would ever believe.

But we managed it, and here is the finished path, complete with steps!  
On top of those projects we also had the continual making of origami flowers, each flower was made up of 6 individually folded petals. In the end we made over 2,040 of them. 

The end result of all of our work was amazing, and we were so proud to be a part of it. We feel very honored to have been here for the big finale, which is actually only the beginning of this beautiful wedding venue. We hoosted a wedding photo shoot, with family members playing bride and goom, and a whole collection of wedding guests. Tyler and I got to play best man and maid of honor, which was not only an honor, but a lot of fun and laughter. I can’t post the photos right now due to marketing needs, but as soon as I can, I will! for now, here is a picture of the six of us, from left to right- Sarah, Jeremy, Julie, Jill, Myself, and Tyler. (Photo credit to Julie).

In between our work days, we took lots of beautiful little, and sometimes not so little, country walks. We expored the villages of Millbrook, Kingsand and Cawsand, and Portwrinkle. We hiked dozens of miles of the Southwest coastal path, and almost as many miles of wide flat beach. We took a train to Penzance and walked to St. Michaels Mount. And we even managed to finish a few books, and I learned how to back quite a lot of really wonderful food. We also were able to watch the Super Bowl, which was a very unexpected treat, and everyone joined in, eating pizza and drinking beer, and cheering on the Broncos!

This place has been like a home in the middle of a strange land, not least because of the people and the huskies. We are very excited for our next stop, which will be in Wales, but for today we are very sad to say goodbye to this beautiful place, and these equally beautiful people.

So, to our dear hosts, Sarah & Jeremy, Thank you so very much for an amazing month, for opening your lovely home to us, for feeding us and teaching us, and most of all for caring for us. Thank you, we will miss you more than you will know.


2 thoughts on “Cornwall.

  1. What an amazing place and people you became like family. I’m so grateful to them for everything they helped you do You two do amazing hard work and it turned out beautifully. Your dad saw the video and is very proud of you both. Love, Nana


  2. Each time I read a post from you, I think what truly wonderful memories you and Ty will carry with you for the rest of your life. Love all the pictures, I feel like I know so much about the countries that you stay in and the people you meet along your travels, you have an amazing way of making us feel such a part of the incredible journey that you are on, Can’t wait to hear about your travels in Wales. Bev

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