How to Survive in the Arctic. part 1

The question I get more than any other is how we can stand the cold in Norway. The simplest way to answer that is that we just stay inside whenever possible. We have lots of blankets, an excellent wood stove, and enough chopped wood to see us through the next ice age. Sometimes however, freezing cold outside work is unavoidable. For those situations, I have prepared a guide on how to dress appropriately. 

Arctic work requires four layers, I’ve included visual aids for your convenience. 

Layer 1. Synthetic


This is your average base-layer. A synthetic long sleeve shirt and pants. These should fit fairly tight, as there are four more layers and you have to squish them all into a coat.

Layer 2. Wool

Add on a layer of wool.  

This step is V. important. I didn’t take this one seriously enough when I heard it, and I’ve spent hours at the salvation army trying to fix this mistake. YOU NEED WOOL. Get the wool, all the wool. 

Layer 3. The Snowflake Layer.

Alright, I don’t actually get this one. For some reason, Norwegian clothes that have snowflakes on them are completely cold-proof. This layer is all wool, but the more snowflakes you can get in there, the better.

I know, its not cute. But when in doubt, go head-to-toe snowflakes.

Layer 4. Waterproof.

Squish all the wool and snowflakes into anything waterproof you can find. I was able to buy rubber pants at the salvation army, and our hands are kept dry by covering our work gloves with a layer of latex gloves. Rubber boots are a must! 

Now you are at least physically ready to face the challenge of surviving in the Arctic!


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