What we do when we’re not working.

Here is another video by the amazingly talented Matteo that we (especially Matteo) have been working on for a week. This is a great example of what happens when you ask silly people to do something silly. Our friend Jeremy went home to visit his family for a couple weeks, and this is us giving him reasons to come back.

Warning, this video is full of inside-jokes and mildly inappropriate humor. Most of this video wont make any sense to you, so even though it will not be the same for you, I will try to explain each reason so you don’t feel left out. 


Click on the picture or click Here!

Reason 1. We have your guitar- he left his guitar. This one probably makes sense.

Reason 2. The cheese is getting moldy- Jeremy really likes cheese.

Reason 3. India- the guys play Fifa (a soccer video game) a lot, but Jeremy is too good, so they make him play with India instead of a European team. He still always wins. 

Reason 4. We have chocolate and ice cake.- he loves chocolate. Ice cake is this unbelieveable ice cream cake that tastes like frozen heaven. 

Reason 5. Because its fun to fish in the sound. -Jeremy drives the boat

Reason 6. Save us from the parsley- We grow parsley here, and even though the frost has come, it is still growing. So we put it in everything. Jeremy doesnt like parsley, and he’s the only one brave enough to say it out loud. (This part is performed by our hilarious host, Roger. If you’re drooling over the food you see, I dont blame you.)

Reason 7. The Americans are invading Spain- Spain is the name of the raspberry field that we are building. Its funny because Jeremy always looks at the rows we dig and says something like, “not bad…for Americans

Reason 8. Roger is making threats- Roger jokes about vegans a lot. He loves them, but he loves teasing just as much. 

Reason 9. We have troubles to understand eachother- The first part makes sense. Jeremy is French, and so are Pierre and Carole, so he helps us all communicate. The second part is because one time Jeremy and I walked in the house while Roger was making waffles, and Jeremy said, “it smells like a penis.” because he forgot the H in happiness. #frenchtroubles

Reason 10. … Because we miss him. 


3 thoughts on “What we do when we’re not working.

    1. sounds like you have really bonded, and there is nothing like a good laugh,and letting it all out.all work and no play would make you all dull. Nancy


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