Winter is Coming. 

Winter is coming. Except at 70 degrees North, that is so much more than a family creed from Game of Thrones. And here it doesn’t take more than 5 seasons to arrive. 

In Northern Norway, winter comes quickly. We were warned of the approaching storm by Roger who was on his way to Stavanger to teach. We picked up things that were in danger of being carried off by the wind or waves, and we settled in to enjoy the (occasionally) storm force 8 winds. 

(Temperatures are in Celsius)

It was an incredible storm. It made work difficult, and sleep impossible. The clouds shrouded the mountains across the fjord for three solid days, even the plateau behind the farm house remained covered. 

The wind lifted the membrane off of parts of the fields, and knocked down signs. it ripped the walls of the tent to shreds. The waves crashed into the carrot field, and lifted up and moved the cast-iron bathtub on the beach. Ill have to explain why there is a bathtub on the beach at some point. 

Seemingly all at once though, the storm was over, the clouds lifted and we saw what had been going on while were hiding inside.

Its amazing. I cant get enough of looking at the mountains. I have to position myself wherever I am in the field so that I can see them. They make the church at the base look like a church for ants. 


Another benefit of the storm was that seaweed was carried up on shore. We use seaweed to fertilize the soil in the potato field, so its important to collect it before the tide carries it out again. 

Pierre, Tyler, and Matteo demonstrating perfect seaweed harvesting form. 

Winter is coming, which means that post-work runs will soon be post-work skiis. But for now, I can still tuck my pants into my wool socks and wear out my running shoes. 



4 thoughts on “Winter is Coming. 

  1. When winter does come, what do you do? I would imagine that the ground would be frozen. Do you stay through the winter? The pictures are breathtaking.


  2. Man, you guys work hard! And I’ve no idea how you stand the cold…or more to the point why you chose the cold! But it’s a wonderful treat reading your blog…I look so forward to it. In the future, do you think you could throw me some info on their education system? If it’s ranked #1 in the world I want to know why. I’ve read on it some…and it just makes me want to learn more. So…no information is too much! Be well, both of you. Love… Aunt Lisa Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2015 17:22:42 +0000 To:

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