A day in Tromsø.

We worked for 8 straight days and finally had a day off, and it was completely worth it. The city is unbelieveably beautiful and quiet, and so distinctly Norwegian. Our first stop was the Arctic Cathedral, which was incredibly lovely. 

And then a very cold walk across the Atlantic Highway bridge into the city of Tromsø. 

It was very very cold, just FYI. 

We had a wonderful cup of coffee in the Kaffebønna. And then we visited some shops and got some lunch. When people tell you that Norway is expensive, they mean it, but what they should say is that Norway is expensive if you dont want to spend the time to look around. Or if you dont like bread. We got some sandwiches and visited the Polaria, which is a museum dedicated to life in the Arctic. It focused mainly on the Auroras and climate change, and it was wonderful to learn more about the research being conducted on sea ice and polar bears. (Side note, my favorite Norwegian beer is called Isbjørn, which means polar bear, and it is brewed at the northernmost brewery in the world).


We found a really lovely little shop that sells Norwegian sweaters, and got a pair of slippers and Ty got his wool sweater. We also visited the Tromsø library which had a great view of the city and of the cathedral in the distance. 


We met up with Alex (our very sweet fellow woofer) and caught the bus back to the farm. First day in town was a sucess!


One thought on “A day in Tromsø.

  1. Lex & Ty,
    Looks like all is going well. The blog is so informative; incredible experience. I won’t complain about Montana winters anymore. Send beer!! Marley wants a Norwegian Oreo smoothie. Be safe.

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