Things we will miss about Norway.

So. We left Norway on Friday, and we will begin working in the UK next week. While we are very excited about new things, we are so unbelievably sad to have left place that has become home. Here are a few of the things we will miss most. 

1. The cold.  This sounds silly, maybe, but the cold tends to make life in general much more cozy. I always sleep better when air is cold, and even though its harder to make myself get up, I feel more rested. 

2. Vacuums. Norwegain Vacuums are really cool! They lay down flat and they have a really light extendable hose and they roll around behind you. I will actually miss them a lot. 

3. The dark.  I didnt expect this one. I’m not saying Id like to endure polar night every single year, but its amazing how much the color of the sky changes when the sun doesnt actually rise. 



5. Fire. Norwegians love fire. Its awesome. I have a beautiful photo of a certain Norwegian next to a beautiful fire by the sea, but Im not allowed to post it for legal reasons. These fires below were made when the children came to stay with us two weeks ago. We hiked up the road a bit and Bard took us all on the snowmobile up the mountain, and we lit these huge fires. It was warm and magestic and wonderful.

6. Pride. There is a lot of pride in having survived the Arctic winter, and while a certain amount of that pride will live with us forever, its really something when you’re here.

7. Norweenglish Words. I LOVE THESE. Norwegians have a really remarkable grasp of the English language in general, they have a few words that aren’t quite correct, even though they are amazing and I’m going to use them forever. Some of these words are ‘sheeps’, ‘mices’, and ‘mooses’. They also just have great names for ordinary things, like tortillas are called ‘taco-lefse’. Mexican night at the Richardson’s just got a whole lot more uf-da. Also, the amazing catch-all “jajajajajajajajajajajaja”.

8. The People. I can’t even write enough here. We have had the most amazing opportunities to meet some incredible people here. Not just Norwegians, but Norwegians in particular. They are, as I have mentioned, The most kind and welcoming people. They love to talk to you, even if you cant understand a word they say, they still like to try. Theres a lot of smiling and nodding going on, because my very very basic understanding of Nyorsk is inadequate. There are four people though, that stand out the most, all for different reasons. 

Bard, our current host. He seemed quiet at first, but we soon discovered that he has a great sense of humor, and an incredible life story. He is a very gifted horseman, he loves snowmobiles, 4-wheelers and photography, he is a diver, a fisherman, and a mechanic. just… everything. His motto is, “Learning by doing”, and Ive decided to hold on to that one. 

Jeremy from France, and one of our sweet friends from Nordvoll. He is a remarkably deep person, with a very silly sense of humor and a wonderful laugh- the kind that comes from the heart. We had so many evenings of watching the lights or the sunset, sometimes talking, sometimes just enjoying. He and Tyler worked so well together, especially since Jeremy is such a hard worker. I think thats the thing I learned from him; to work hard until the job is done. 

Roger, our host at Nordvoll. Roger was the most welcoming person in Norway. We were greeted on the front porch like we were his lost children. His laugh and his smile are contagious, and he’s the best cook in the world, which is good because the work at his farm is difficult and leaves you very hungry! He is so intelligent, and so gifted with words that he makes up the most elaborate stories and sells them as fact. I have had to start googleing almost everything he tells me, just in case!

Matteo, our dear “world villager” friend from Italy, whom we both have come to cherish as one of our closest friends. We spent the most time with matteo, two weeks alone with him helped! He is a deep and deeply passionate person, with a wonderful sense of humor. He never hesitates to ask what a word means, or to give you an explanation; all with the deepest kindness. He is sweet, and soft-spoken, and he loves chocolate and espresso; so we were destined for friendship. I have cried while saying goodbye to him 4 times now. I know it wont be forever, but it breaks my heart to think of not seeing him.

So many others that we didnt know as well, but we love just as much. Alex, Monica, Liv, Marie, Esben, Carole, Pierre, John and his wife, Katharina and Daniel, and all of our wonderful self-pickers and tourists. None of you will ever be forgotten.

9. Arcitc Sports. Sparking, Dog-sledding, skiing, fishing in the fjord, Winter horseback riding, and aurora-chasing.

 10. Northern Lights. This doesnt really need explanation. 



One thought on “Things we will miss about Norway.

  1. What an amazing way you have with words, it makes a person think they know the one you are talking about, personally. So glad you made it to your next destition.Take care a d be safe. Love, Nana


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