One-Way Tickets.

I am a huge believer in one-way tickets, which might be the most paradoxical thing about me. 

I LOVE order. I love things to be neat and tidy, and scheduled, and planned, or at least outlined. I like to know exactly how things will play out, and where I will be when. One of the most stressful parts of traveling for me is actually how to get from the airport to the hotel. Airport shuttles baffle me, to the point where I can rarely sit on a plane and not constantly obsess about how we will possibly get where we need to go. I have major anxiety about things that have even the most remote chanch of happening. Sometimes, if I have a really stressful day in my week, I will ruin every other day of the week just thinking about that one stressful day coming up. 

So here’s the weird thing; One-way tickets are freedom. When it comes to long-term travel, I prefer to not know when I will be making my return flight. This may be, in part, because it saves me from another thing that causes crippling anxiety: change. I really hate to change flights because its a lot of scary, stressful, beurocracy that I really would rather avoid, and the best counter to changing flights is to just not book them. With all of that being said, we have an announcement (We’re not pregnant so dont even think it).


Without going into too much boring detail, we have been in Europe for too long, and we need to leave in order to be able to come back again this spring. So we decided to spend a little time working in the UK and Ireland, which as my lovely friend Beth pointed out, its not Plan B, its Plan A2. We are very very sad to be leaving Norway for now, but we will be back very soon. So, Plan A2 starts next friday! 


Maybe just as a comfort to us, because they know we’re leaving soon, the northern lights have been especially wonderful his week.

We are so sad to be saying our (for now) farewells to Norway, but we are so excited to be starting yet another new adventure. And yes, I’m overjoyed that I dont have to change our tickets. 

 Dont worry, sappy, emotional post about Norway will be out shortly. 


3 thoughts on “One-Way Tickets.

  1. Thanks for the post…sounds like another great adventure alright.
    I must say, it’s baffling to me though, how such an adventurous spirit coexists with one who dislikes change….how do you do that?! 🙂
    Love you….


  2. Love the idea of England and Ireland! Do remember the big cites are all silly expensive. Take a bus and get off. You will love the wee towns! They are much less expensive. Plus the food is fun.

    Would not rent a car, rather cheaper to take local transport! Lots of hostels plus B and B tomorrow! You will love learning the language of England and Ireland. They are not your Montana English!

    Do have fun!



  3. Glad you are on your way to another adventure. Have a safe journey ! Hope you have some more positive experiences. Love, Nana


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