Nordre Hestnes Gård

We have settled in to our new farm, Nordre Hestnes Gård. It was a sad goodbye with Roger and Liv, but I really feel very sure we will see them again. 

Our new farm is very different from Nordvoll. We spent our first night here in a bunk bed, sharing a room with another wwoofer. We worked that out though, and now we have our own room and our own bunk bed! 

Our farmer is very nice, and our co-wwoofer, Rémi, is very knowledgable about the farm. It’s been wonderful to be back in the company of a dog, her name is Trulte, and she’s an absolute doll.

The farm work itself is actually a lot less than we are used to, in fact we find ourselves standing around a lot, feeling like we need to be doing something. Here at the farm we have one (huge and awesome) dog, 3 pigs, 9 Icelandic horses, 18 sheep, 25 hens, 1 Shetland pony (Doffen), and 9 cats (whom we have named Princess, Moriarty, Spookey II, Boots, the twins Fred and George, and the triplet baby kittens, One, Two, and, Three.) 

The day starts and ends with feeding, and as the farm is built on a fairly steep mountainside, this is an icy and dangerous challenge. Fortunately I have good help, as Fred likes to follow me around. 

Here are the sheep, one of them escaped from the pen and Tyler and Rémi had to sorta throw it back over the fence, stay tuned for a video!!

Here is princess with my favorite horse (so far), Gaia.  

It’s been an interesting few days, were excited to update you more!


5 thoughts on “Nordre Hestnes Gård

  1. Good to see all the animals! For sure they will keep you warm! How cold in Fahrenheit does it get there? We have had a tough bout of .0. Weather and even tho it has gotten warm, I still feel chilled! Happy new location!


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    1. Bet you are in seventh heaven with all those animals. Saw a picture of spooky 2. They will be so spoiled by the time you leave. Know you will have a great time there. Love, Nana


    2. Thank you Maureen! It doesn’t get below 30f very often, the lowest we’ve had is 16, so it’s not too bad! The wind coming out of the mountains can be really chilly, but even then it doesn’t last long. I can’t believe how much like Montana it is here. I miss seeing you though!


  2. Lexie! Thank you so much for doing this blog and including the pics and video. It’s hard to believe it’s been this long since you made me my “usual” latte and we talked about loving Harry Potter. Your life looks incredible. I suspect you and your husband have become much closer than you knew could happen. 🙂 Your work looks hard, but being in such a beautiful/extreme setting has got to be worth every minute. Barb Mitzkus-Munro AKA Professor McGonagall


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