Another silly video.

One of the effects of living with a film maker is that your acting skills have to improve quickly. Or at least you have to use them a lot more. We made this video for Roger, who was teaching in Stavanger for two weeks. It worked, and he came home! I will explain (Wherever I can) what is going on.

15 reasons you should come back to Nordvoll:

1. Because There are too many people in the kitchen: Roger likes to cook alone. We all have to stay out of the kitchen when he’s cooking, it would be a disaster if we were all in there!

2. Because you have to fight us for bath time: This one probably doesnt need an explanation.

3. Because we are freezing: Roger and I agree about the heat; we both like it super warm! But everyone else says “Their contacts are melting”, and they “cant take off any more clothes and still be family friendly.”

4. Because cups are going to be destroyed: Roger hates it when we stir our coffee/tea/cereal too much, we just had to drive him crazy.

5. Because John is trying to tell us something: John is our neighbor. We love John, but we dont always understand him.

6. Because we are learning Nyorsk: Roger is a linguist, and he really doesnt like it when we learn Norwegian phrases in the southern dialect around Oslo and then try to speak it here in Tromsø. 

7. Because we are not good at telling stories: Roger is an amazing storyteller. dinner is not the same without him!

8. Because there is strange music in the kitchen: Roger loves a wide range of music…but not beyonce.

9. Because we lost the notebook: We have a notebook that tells us what to do when roger is gone. 

10. Because the cooking is going downhill: we joke that we should harvest and sell waterweed, because it grows so well! it doesn taste too good.

11. Because the witch is making trouble again: There is a person who lives near Nordvoll who is…a bit challenging. We should leave it at that.

12. Because there is silence: The three of us are quite happy with silence, but Roger loves to sing and talk and tell stories.

13. Because the nuns stopped praying for Nordvoll: We give the nuns some of our produce, and they pray for us. This is what would happen if that stopped.

14. Because there are no instructions for eating: Roger always tells us what goes with what and the history behind our dinner. Its so confusing when he’s gone!

15. Because we miss you! (said in Italian)

Here is the video, I hope you like it! 

 Or click the pic!



3 thoughts on “Another silly video.

  1. I am loving your blog. How much longer do you stay? Will you be spending the spring and summer solstice there? It is a given to me that you will be there for the winter solstice on December 21!


  2. Lexi, loved your video and hearing all about the trek on the mountain!!! Is so amazing to see and hear about all that you and Tyler are experiencing. Will also wish you all a very American “Happy Thanksgiving”. You guys are truly having the adventures of a lifetime.


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