Celebration days.

The harvest is over!!! After a quick and crazy week of harvesting everything we grow (salad, parsley, beans, currants, strawberries, potatoes, and carrots) we are done! Well, done with that part. There’s a lot more work to do now, but for today, we celebrate. Harvesting potatoes meant using half-moons to break up inches of frozen-solid soil around each plant and kneeling in the cold ground to pick up each potato. The carrots were worse. The soil was frozen this far down. 

We had to use pitchforks to break up every inch of soil and then try to pull the carrots up with out snapping them. It took two straight days of work, but we finally finished. This is how we feel now.

We all have (what is known on the farm as) root vegetable sickness. It makes you do things like pour your cereal into your coffee cup, and make up stories about Tarzan actually being trained by the KGB. The only cure is beer and days off, fortunately we had both the last two days. Yesterday, I did not set foot outside once. I read all day long. Tyler went fishing. We had today off as well so we went hiking up on the plateau behind the farm.

The beautiful Lyngen Alps.

And of course, the night view from our bedroom.  



4 thoughts on “Celebration days.

  1. My there is lots of snow in your neck of the woods. do you use snowshoes to get around in the snow? sounds like the harvest went well but was lots of work. Love, Nana


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